Emilia ElliottTM is the brainchild of two sisters-in-law, Deirdre and Jasmine. It was named after their first born children through whom they were introduced to the trials and adventures of breastfeeding. In the first few months of motherhood, they realised that most nursing wear available on the market was designed to be also worn during pregnancy. This meant that they were made of a single piece of stretchy material, which somewhat limited the choice of designs. The two ladies found it very difficult to find nursing wear that matched their style and budget, and ended up constantly wearing nursing camisoles and jeans or tights. This experience led them to create their own solution.

The idea behind Emilia ElliottTM is that nursing wear can and should be designed differently from maternity wear, since a woman’s body shape after giving birth is different to what it was during pregnancy. Nursing wear does not need the excess stretchy fabric at the waist and hips to accommodate a pregnant belly. It can be both functional and fashionable.

The Emilia ElliottTM Signature Nursing Access mechanism has the full functionality and modesty of nursing wear, while allowing for the use of a wide range of fabrics and designs. The entire range is constructed with hand-selected fabrics, and designed by us to fit well, last long and to look good enough that you will want to continue wearing them past the breastfeeding stage.

We thank you for choosing to shop at Emilia ElliottTM. We are confident that you will find comfortable, functional and stylish clothing that will enable you to look good while you give the best to your child.

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